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Minister of Transport and Communication,
The Republic of Turkey

It is a great privilege for me to welcome on the occasion of “the 24th IPMA World Congress” which I believe to be the provider of a valuable opportunity for sharing information, knowledge and experience.

Turkey is a common route for the main arteries of trade and investment among Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Thus, it provides many important junction combinations among very important economic regions such as Middle East, the Balkans, the Black Sea Region, the Caucasus and North Africa.

One of the unique properties of Istanbul, the host city, is that it is the only city lying on two continents; Europe and Asia. These two continents are connected through two suspended bridges over the Strait of Istanbul -The Bosporus.


Brigitte SCHADEN
President of IPMA

İstanbul is the European Capital of Culture 2010, and it is also the World Capital of Project Management 2010, 24th IPMA World Congress in Project Management will be hosted by İstanbul.

The main theme of the congress is “Challenges and Opportunities”. I think İstanbul is the best place to discuss it since the city itself is full of challenges and opportunities. İstanbul is an exciting and dynamic city, having various contrasts such as; east and west, water and land, ancient and modern, religious and secular, Asia and Europe, mystical and earthly. All of them co-exist here in İstanbul.


Prof. Dr. Çetin ELMAS
President of Project Management Association in Turkey

It is our great pleasure to be hosting the 24th IPMA World Congress 2010 in İstanbul. The new realities in the world economy present both challenges and opportunities, and both must be addressed if we are to fulfil the objective of benefit.

Looking to the future and considering whether the business of project management is likely to change, the level of professionalism applied to projects must improve. We believe that this is the right time to pause for thought and reflect on these important issues.

The 24th IPMA World Congress 2010 will be a good opportunity for Project Management Specialist, getting together from all over the world and sharing experiences and knowledge with the latest project and practice.



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